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Park Seat, Croome Park

Croome D'Abitot
Defford, Worcestershire
National Trust West Midlands Region

1974 conditionCroome Park was the first major landscape designed by Capability Brown in the mid 18th century. The Park Seat is a grade II listed classical temple designed by Robert Adam in 1766. It is situated at the South East corner of Croome Park and provides, elevated, carefully composed views over the parkland. Framed by trees either side it is an eyecatcher and it can be spotted from various points around the park as a landmark to aim for when walking to the southern edge of the park

As the park fell into disuse in the 20th century the condition of the Seat deteriorated. Photographic evidence from 1974 indicated that the 1974 condition roof had become grossly decayed causing considerable damage and loss of internal ceilings & plasterwork. Also substantial structural movement was evident, particularly in the pediment and arch. Structural repairs were undertaken in the 1970’s. These saved the building from collapse but introduced many unsympathetic and inappropriate details and materials.

Following a condition report and detailed historic research we were able to carry out masonry repairs, reinstate the original pitched Westmoreland slate roof and replace the cement render with lime plasters, including running new architectural mouldings. New wrought iron gates and a bench seat were also installed.

The project was made possible by generous funding from Natural England and was completed in 2008.


Park Seat Picture Gallery

Condition before works
The rear of the building before the works were carried out

Re-roofing was required

plaster mould running

plaster repairs
Plasterwork re-built

stone & plaster repairs
Rebuild cornice

external as finished
The render removed and brickwork limewashed

park seat front

Finished details
A number of bat holes were required as part of the Defra licence

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