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Temple Greenhouse, Croome Park

Croome D'Abitot
Defford, Worcestershire
National Trust West Midlands Region

1974 conditionThe Temple Greenhouse is one of the principal features of Croome Landscape Park and was designed as part of the Pleasure Gardens.  The Pleasure Gardens are located at some distance from the main house and intended as a destination from which to appreciate both the landscape and the views back to the main house.
The Park itself had severely declined during the 20th century but the main structure of the Temple Greenhouse remained.   In 1996 the National Trust acquired this part of the Park and over the subsequent 10 years instigated extensive restoration and conservation works to it.
The Temple Greenhouse was designed in 1760 and is grade II listed.  The National Trust has secured its first purpose by the extensive repair and restoration work undertaken in 2004.   The current project achieves their second aim of providing an over wintering location for the pot plants which are displayed in and around the greenhouse during the summer.
Original drawings and early photographs clearly illustrate the arrangement of double hung sashes, which were positioned immediately behind the line of columns.   Windows were still in place in the early part of the 20th century and documentary records indicate that these windows were removed during the summer and stored in the room at the rear of the greenhouse.
Similar, double hung sashes, were reinstated, of a traditional design and in a similar location.  The proposed details are similar to those used in recreating the windows in the side spaces of the greenhouse and are based on joinery details encountered in various locations around the Park.  The arrangement of glazing bars follows the arrangement as shown in the photographs rather than those of the original drawings.
The sash boxes have been designed and fitted with the intention that the seasonal removal will continue.   The fixings for the sash boxes re-use the original sockets in the floor but the location of fixings at the head were not traceable. We believe previous repair works may have obliterated these sockets.
The building is open to the public the majority of the time.   In the summer this is a permanent arrangement but in the winter access to the interior of the greenhouse will be via one of the windows as originally intended but only on those days when the window can be left open or by prior arrangement with the gardeners.


Temple Greenhouse Picture Gallery

Appearance before works
Temple Greenhouse, summer 2010, prior to installation of windows.

Appearance before works
Building is generally in good condition.

appearance post installation

plaster repairs
The bases fix in to the existing floor sockets.

stone & plaster repairs
General view following installation.

external as finished

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